What to Look for When Buying an E-Bike?

By 2030, the E-bikes market value is estimated to be worth $118,657 million. With such an immense increase in the market value, there are some insecurities that people who don’t manufacture good enough bikes will be selling them along with the best bikes with the same or even better marketing tactics.

There is a fear that people might be falling for low-quality products based on the advertisements. So, it is important to know the features of a good e-bike to avoid this swindle.

Here is a list of some main things that you should definitely look at before buying an e-bike:

E-bike Type: Throttle vs. PAS:

There are two major modes on the basis of which an e-bike works. One is a PAS, also called a pedal-assist system, and the other is a throttle. In PAS, the rider does push the pedal and the motor amplifies it. In short, the rider gets more speed as an output than the force that he gives as an input.

On the other hand, in the throttle mode, the rider just has to set a level of speed and has to act like he’s pedaling. The motor itself will take him on his journey at the speed for which the level was set.

Depending on whether you want an e-bike that feels more natural or an e-bike that does most of the work itself, you can choose between PAS or throttle-based bikes accordingly. Moreover, it also depends on the country in which you are living. Many countries don’t allow throttle-based bikes.

Type of the Sensor:

E-bike has a sensor that works in conjunction with its motor. Two commonly used sensors are cadence and torque sensors.

The cadence sensor senses whether the person is pedaling or not and then activates or deactivates the motor accordingly. It then works in conjunction with a throttle that takes you to your destination at the speed that you had already set.

Besides it, there is a more advanced technology called a torque sensor. Unlike a cadence sensor, a torque sensor measures the force with which the rider is pushing the pedal. The value of this force is then fed to the motor that amplifies it as per need and increases the speed of the rider.

Battery Power and Size:

If it’s not the battery, then what else is going to be of prime importance in an electric bike?

Battery power is measured in volts and plays an important role in the overall working of your bike. It comes in various ranges of 24V, 36V, and 48V. As the power increases, so does the performance. But a greater power battery comes with a price, so choose wisely.

A 36V battery is suitable in terms of both performance and price. Similarly, do consider the capacity of the battery, which is measured in Amp-hours. A battery that has a value of about 10 Amp-hours or a bit less or more than this is considered a good capacity.

Range Per Charge:

Do ask the seller how far the bike can travel on a single charge. It’s not like you are going to charge it over and over again in a single day to complete your maximum cycling goal.

With a single charge, the bike should travel about 60 to 80 kilometers. A bike offering less than 50 kilometers is not acceptable at all.

Weight of the Bike:

The purpose of the bike is to give you a comfortable ride. A heavier bike would be difficult to ride but would also feel like a burden while traveling.

A weight of under 20 and a maximum of 25 kilograms is considered ideal, both for riding and transporting. While talking about the weight of the bike, it is also important to consider what weight the bike can bear.

Different bike frames can support different weights. If you are an extremely thin or bulky person, you should choose a bike according to your needs.

The Material of the Bike Frame:

We are not going to wrap our bikes every evening and open them up the next day. We use them openly on the roads as well as the mountain tops covered in grass and mud. So, from sunny to rainy, they are going to encounter all kinds of weather, so buy a frame that is both strong and durable.

Folding Ability:

While the folding ability of a bike is not an important factor, if you are a traveler, you should definitely look for this option in e-bikes. Foldable bikes are easy to transport on airplanes and aircraft.

They are also easy to store in-home storage. But foldable bikes are sometimes smaller in size and range, so you should make a choice between a foldable and an unfoldable bike wisely.


E-bikes are generally more costly than normal bikes. The cost of electric motors, sensors, and their setup is the reason behind it.

Another reason is their high demand. But there are certain things like a throttle bike is cheaper than one with a pedal-assist system. Know the facts and don’t let a seller scam you.


A warranty is an important part of the product, no matter what you are buying. The benefit of claiming a warranty is that if the product gets out of order before the warranty ends, the manufacturers will either fix it for free or provide you with spare parts, definitely for free.

Reconsider Your Purpose for Buying an E-Bike:

E-bikes can be used for several purposes. Children can own them for play. Teenagers can run errands with them. Youngsters can go on mountain tops with them or can practice their cycling skills.

The elderly can use them to lose weight. Not all purposes require the ideal conditions for cycling. Compromises on different characteristics can be made that can help in cutting down the bike price.

Where to Buy the Best E-Bike With All The Above Features?

Oh, did I make it difficult for you to search for all the characteristics one by one for different bikes in different companies? You can also check our bikes too.  These are the best option from fulfilling battery, weight, and price requirements to giving you the best bike depending on your purpose, a wide variety is available in our stores. Hurry up and get your hands on the best ones before they run out.

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Why riding an e-bike is more fun

Why riding an e-bike is more fun

Many people find riding an e-bike to be a fun and enjoyable experience. E-bikes provide a form of exercise and outdoor activity, while also offering the convenience and assistance of an electric motor.

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During the warranty period of 1-2 years you'll get your replacing parts for free. Just contact us and we'll send you what you need, you'll just need to assemble it yourself. Or drop by at the office and we'll help you out to have a smooth ride again.


Is there a test drive option for the e-bikes?

Yes! We provide a test drive facility at our office or any nearby location to ensure customer satisfaction. Please fill out the contact form and select ‘request test drive’ to your subject.

How to compare different models of the e-bikes?

The e-bike models depend on your budget, height, and weight. The pro versions have advanced features. Hence, they cost more.

The aluminum alloy bikes are for people with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 120 kg. The carbon fiber bikes are for people with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

For long distances, the ideal choices are carbon pro and aluminum alloy e-bikes. Therefore, carbon fiber regular and pro versions are the best for a smoother and easy ride because of their lightweight frame.

Lastly, each version has a separate price range. Aluminum alloy folding e-bikes range at a starting price from 1795-1995 euros. Carbon fiber folding e-bikes range at a starting price from 2195-2395 euros.

What are the options for shipping or assembling?

We offer FREE shipping all across the European Union if you choose to assemble it yourself. We deliver the box with a manual and share video instructions on our YouTube channel.

We have two options for self-pick-up, depending on your preferences. You can either pick-up the box or we can assemble the bike for you for 65 euros.

You can select your preferences while placing the order.

How do I get my spare parts?

Each e-bike comes with a 1-2 year warranty, during which we send free spare parts. All you have to do is to contact us and send your details. Please do not send any parts back before contacting us.

Moreover, you can also bring your e-bike to our office, and we will assemble the parts for you. Also, please contact us to make an appointment before visiting the office.

However, you can always visit our shop if you require spare parts after the warranty period. We sell spare parts at affordable rates.


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