Folding e-bikes with an aluminium alloy or carbon fiber frame are the top modern technology. It is an excellent upgrade to traditional cycling, making transport more agile and less tiresome.

Aluminium alloy

Aluminium alloy is the standard material used for vehicles’ bodies. Its remarkable features make it stand out amongst others. Thus, it elevates the product quality. Aluminum alloy folding e-bikes are the trending mode of transportation used by campers, tourists, farmers, students, and businesses. Folding e-bikes are the safest and the most affordable option for people of all ages and standards.

The most famous base material for folding e-bikes is aluminum alloy because of its lightweight, strength, and structural properties. It is top-trending in the e-bike market and is an affordable material. Thus, their easy-to-work-with properties make classy yet sturdy e-bikes convenient to travel vehicles. 

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and weighs half times lighter than aluminium. The additional strength with the lightest weight makes it ideal for an e-bike frame. Since the bikes are foldable and designed for carrying, low weight is a crucial attribute. Our carbon fiber folding e-bikes are up to 6 kg lighter than those of aluminium alloy.

Carbon fiber e-bikes are the most suitable option for older adults, campers, and farmers, as the ride is smooth and easy in varying road conditions. They are also less tiresome to ride and durable in condition. The robust frame makes it less prone to accidents.


The ultimate practical, lightweight, and compact vehicle. Hence, a better version of typical cycles. Make your commute convenient and quick using our top-quality folding e-bikes.


E-bikes demand regular and consistent maintenance for durability. Everyone despises tiring bike shop visits and the hassle of finding the perfect spare parts.


Carbon fiber and aluminium alloy are our two body types. The frame differs in weight, but the body dimensions are likely the same. It adds to the e-bike’s look and elegant touch.


The folding e-bikes have 36V 6.4 - 7.8AH Li-ion batteries that can last up to 70 - 80 km per charge. It saves you a decent amount of fuel consumption, traffic time, and money.


Our e-bikes come with oil hydraulic brake levers combined with disk brakes that efficiently control the speed and apply braking performance and durability.


Carry it anywhere, including public transport, your car, etc. It gets compact and fits easily in storage places. Combine it with a carry and storage bag to prevent it from dust or mud in your trunk.


Is there a test drive option for the e-bikes?

Yes! We provide a test drive facility at our office or any nearby location to ensure customer satisfaction. Please fill out the contact form and select ‘request test drive’ to your subject.

How to compare different models of the e-bikes?

The e-bike models depend on your budget, height, and weight. The pro versions have advanced features. Hence, they cost more.

The aluminum alloy bikes are for people with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 120 kg. The carbon fiber bikes are for people with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

For long distances, the ideal choices are carbon pro and aluminum alloy e-bikes. Therefore, carbon fiber regular and pro versions are the best for a smoother and easy ride because of their lightweight frame.

Lastly, each version has a separate price range. Aluminum alloy folding e-bikes range at a starting price from 1795-1995 euros. Carbon fiber folding e-bikes range at a starting price from 2195-2395 euros.

What are the options for shipping or assembling?

We offer FREE shipping all across the European Union if you choose to assemble it yourself. We deliver the box with a manual and share video instructions on our YouTube channel.

We have two options for self-pick-up, depending on your preferences. You can either pick-up the box or we can assemble the bike for you for 65 euros.

You can select your preferences while placing the order.

How do I get my spare parts?

Each e-bike comes with a 1-2 year warranty, during which we send free spare parts. All you have to do is to contact us and send your details. Please do not send any parts back before contacting us.

Moreover, you can also bring your e-bike to our office, and we will assemble the parts for you. Also, please contact us to make an appointment before visiting the office.

However, you can always visit our shop if you require spare parts after the warranty period. We sell spare parts at affordable rates.


We're an e-bike company with unique, functional and affordable folding e-bikes and offer a range of models with different functions. Our e-bikes are the latest upgrade of bicycles that make transportation agile, comfortable and convenient.

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