Difference Between Carbon Fiber Regular and Carbon Fiber Pro

Just Google the best material for an e-bike’s frame and “Carbon Fiber” will be shown in those large bold alphabets. The material has been used for making e-bikes for a while and is still in use today.

Here is the complete guide regarding why the material is so popular and what the common models made out of it are.

Why is Carbon Fiber the Material of Choice for E-Bikes?

The following are the reasons that make carbon fiber the manufacturers’ favorite material when making e-bike frames:

Resistant and Durable:

In our chemistry classes, we have all learned that the solid substances that are packed together because of their crystals are the strongest materials. Carbon fiber is one of them.

Let alone the crystalline structure, we also studied how strong carbon makes bonds with others. But we are concerned about what conditions the carbon fiber is resistant to. The heat of no more than 2000 degrees Celcius has no effect on its structure and stability.

The same goes for extremely cold weather. Wait! Are you worried about your bike getting rusted in the rain? That’s not going to happen as the material is corrosion-resistant.


Considering how compact carbon fiber is due to its crystalline structure, people assume it to be heavier in comparison with other materials. The reality is quite the contrary. Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight. The reason is its structure.

The crystalline molecules join together to form long strands. When examined, these strands turn out to be thinner than human hair. They strongly bind with each other to make a firm yet lightweight structure.

Smooth and Comfortable:

Cycling is a great activity to keep the body fit and healthy, but riders are also exposed to some threats when they are engaged in continuous cycling.

Rigorous cycling vibrates the whole body, which is bad for the body’s muscles. Many cyclists suffer from back pain for the same reason. Continuous exposure to immense vibrations like those encountered on a bumpy road or while climbing a mountain can make the condition worse.

Cycles that are made out of carbon fiber dampen these vibrations to a great extent, all thanks to their structure. This provides the rider with a smooth and comfortable ride.

Easy to Repair:

Given the carbon fiber’s strength, it rarely breaks. But even if, due to misfortune or as a result of an extremely bad incident, the carbon fiber gets cracked, it can be fixed right away.

It might be a surprising statement for a lot of people, as there’s a common misconception about carbon fiber that it cannot be repaired. Well, actually, the repaired carbon fiber works exactly like the original piece and lasts longer than other repaired materials.

So, if your carbon fiber e-bike ever gets damaged or cracked, repairing it would be a better idea than replacing it.

Where to Buy the Best Carbon Fiber E-Bikes?

Revolt is no less than an innovation in the Netherlands. It is an emerging company that sells premium quality products and never compromises on customer satisfaction. Foldable carbon fiber e-bikes are the specialty of the company.

The reason that they are foldable is solely to make transportation easier for the customers. There are two major types of carbon fiber models, one is the regular and the other is the pro model.

Of course, the pro model is a better and more advanced version of the regular model, but it’s a bit more expensive. The specifications of both are given below so that you can compare and decide what you need.

Carbon Fiber Regular E-Bikes:

Pedal Assistance:

On regular carbon fiber e-bikes, the pedal is assisted by a speed sensor. This type of sensor measures the forward rotation of the bike wheels and gives signals to the motor, which then amplifies the overall speed. While using this sensor, it does not matter how hard the rider is pedaling, the motor is going to speed up the ride to a certain value.


The battery of the carbon fiber regular e-bike can take you up to 45 kilometers when charged completely.


They say the ideal weight for an e-bike should be 20 kg or maybe less. Here goes Revolt’s carbon fiber regular with a 14.8 kg weight.


We all know the importance of gears in a vehicle. They are necessary for making the ride faster and more comfortable. Ideally, an e-bike should have somewhere between 6 and 9 gears. The carbon fiber regular model offers 7 gears, an optimal range between the minimum and the maximum.

Carbon Fiber Pro E-Bikes

Pedal Assistance:

The carbon fiber pro model has made use of the latest technology, thus incorporating a torque sensor. This sensor calculates the force that the cyclist applies to the pedal and then gives this value to the motor.

The motor is made to enhance this value, thus increasing the output, or we can say the speed of the rider. This type of sensor allows you to control the speed of the e-bike through pedaling, which was the drawback of the speed sensor used in regular models.


As compared to the regular battery, the carbon fiber pro battery can take you up to 70 kilometers when charged completely.


As the carbon fiber pro has everything amplified as compared to the regular, you must have expected an increase in weight as well. But that’s not the case. The pro version is even lighter. It weighs only 13.8 kg.


The higher the number of gears, the more speed you can gain. Moreover, the number of gears directly contributes to the efficiency of the vehicle. Revolt’s carbon fiber pro model has 9 gears, offering the maximum ideal number and not exceeding it. More gears allow you to experience different pedaling positions so that you can choose the best one.

After comparing the specifications of both models, you can decide whether you want to make a compromise on some features and buy a regular model or whether you want to upgrade your cycling experience and buy a pro model.

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How to compare different models of the e-bikes?

The e-bike models depend on your budget, height, and weight. The pro versions have advanced features. Hence, they cost more.

The aluminum alloy bikes are for people with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 120 kg. The carbon fiber bikes are for people with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

For long distances, the ideal choices are carbon pro and aluminum alloy e-bikes. Therefore, carbon fiber regular and pro versions are the best for a smoother and easy ride because of their lightweight frame.

Lastly, each version has a separate price range. Aluminum alloy folding e-bikes range at a starting price from 1795-1995 euros. Carbon fiber folding e-bikes range at a starting price from 2195-2395 euros.

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We offer FREE shipping all across the European Union if you choose to assemble it yourself. We deliver the box with a manual and share video instructions on our YouTube channel.

We have two options for self-pick-up, depending on your preferences. You can either pick-up the box or we can assemble the bike for you for 65 euros.

You can select your preferences while placing the order.

How do I get my spare parts?

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Moreover, you can also bring your e-bike to our office, and we will assemble the parts for you. Also, please contact us to make an appointment before visiting the office.

However, you can always visit our shop if you require spare parts after the warranty period. We sell spare parts at affordable rates.


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