Electric bikes in the Netherlands

Revolt Bikes distinguishes out in the crowded world of contemporary transportation, where practicality and sustainability coexist. Both urban commuters and adventure seekers have fallen in love with Revolt Bikes’ ground-breaking foldable electric bikes. The idea of foldable electric bikes has found a natural home in the Netherlands, a nation renowned for its bike-friendly infrastructure. Dedication to green mobility, as the need for eco-friendly and effective modes of transportation continues to rise.

Unfolding the Benefits: Owning a Revolt Bike in the Netherlands

Imagine riding a bike through the lovely Dutch streets with ease, the wind in your hair, and a sensation of freedom with each pedal stroke. Owning a Revolt Bike in the Netherlands gives you access to a host of benefits more then the typical bike benefits. Hence, These foldable electric marvels are the ideal travel companion for exploring the lovely towns and peaceful countryside of the Netherlands. Since they seamlessly combine innovation, usefulness, and flair.

The advantages of having a Revolt Bike are extensive:

Ecologically sound exploration

The Netherlands is a cycling enthusiast’s dream thanks to its level terrain and extensive network of bicycle trails. Additionally, by selecting a Revolt Bike, you help reduce carbon emissions and do your part to protect the nation’s stunning landscapes for future generations.

Last-mile Convenience:

Folding electric bikes’ tiny shape allows you to effortlessly weave through traffic, avoiding congestion and hastening your arrival at your destination. Your Revolt Bike is your key to quick and stress-free commutes—no more waiting for public transportation or looking for parking spaces.

Elegance that Saves Space:

Revolt Bikes collapsible characteristic is revolutionary in a nation with limited space. Your Revolt Bike can be easily folded and stowed whether you reside in a tiny apartment in Amsterdam or a canal-side home in Utrecht, increasing your living space without compromising your love of cycling.

Adaptable Riding Experience:

Revolt Bikes are aware of the individuality of each rider. You can customise your bicycling experience to fit your preferences thanks to configurable riding modes. Your Revolt Bike is equipped to handle both relaxing rides along canals and thrilling excursions through the countryside.

Seamless Connectivity:

Our Revolt Bikes include clever connectivity features because they embrace the spirit of innovation. You can trace your journeys, check the battery level, and even get real-time weather reports by connecting your bike to your smartphone.


Revolt Bikes are a shining example of forward-thinking design and environmental awareness in the field of contemporary urban mobility. Where innovation and sustainability intersect. Moreover, the temptation of a folding electric bike is hard to resist for those traveling the quaint towns and picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands. Moreover, The options may seem too numerous as you set out to locate the appropriate Revolt Bike model. Do not worry; in this guide, we will explain how to choose the ideal foldable electric bike based on your preferences and requirements.

Things to Think About

A careful examination of several variables is necessary to choose the best Revolt Bike model. It ensures a harmonious union between your biking goals and the bike’s capabilities:
Style of Riding and Terrain:Think about your favourite riding style: do you enjoy the excitement of city commutes or the tranquilly of outings in the countryside? Do you prefer smooth routes or rough terrain? Choose a model that performs well in the terrain and riding style that you enjoy..

Power Source: : The battery range, which is the heart of any electric bike, dictates how far you can go on a single charge. Consider the lengths of your typical rides when selecting a model with a battery range that meets your requirements.

Peak Speed: : Revolt Bikes have a range of top speeds to suit different tastes. Make sure to choose a model with a compatible top speed if you prefer a relaxed pace or want to commute more quickly.

Added characteristics: : Discover the subtle differences in the features of each model, like smart connection, regenerative braking, and configurable riding modes. Decide which elements will improve your overall riding experience and correspond to your tastes..

A Greener Tomorrow with Your Revolt Bike

In keeping with the Netherlands’ dedication to sustainability, maintaining a healthy battery benefits both your bicycling pleasure and a greener future. By putting these battery management techniques into practise. You’re not only prolonging the lifespan of your electric folding bike but also lowering the frequency with which batteries need to be replaced. A decision that is environmentally friendly and entirely in line with the Dutch way of life.
Additionally, You take on the role of a steward of energy conservation with each pedal stroke, flawlessly fusing innovation, technology, and environment. Remember that the battery is a conduit connecting you to the beauty of the Netherlands. The promise of a more sustainable tomorrow as you travel through the Dutch landscapes. Propelled by the harmony of your efforts and your Revolt Bike’s electric prowess.


Revolt Bikes emerge as forerunners of cutting-edge technology in the dynamic world of urban mobility, where innovation meets eco-consciousness. Additionally a universe of cutting-edge features and capabilities. Opens up before you as you ride your folding electric bike across the beautiful Dutch countryside. We set out on a journey of discovery in this section, exposing you to the technological marvels that decorate your Revolt Bike. Highlighting their benefits, and offering step-by-step instructions on how to maximise their potential.

Bikes in the Technological Symphony of Revolt

Revolt Bikes are more than just a means of transportation; they are evidence of how convenience and innovation can coexist harmoniously. Let’s explore some of the sophisticated characteristics that characterise the spirit of your electric bikes.

Smart Connectivity: : Utilizing cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly link your Revolt Bike to your smartphone. Through this connection, you unlock a world of opportunities, including route tracking, battery life monitoring, and real-time weather information.

Regenerative Braking: : :Regenerative braking, you can convert the energy of motion into stored power. This mechanism turns kinetic energy into battery power as you brake or slow down, thereby improving the performance of your battery and promoting a more environmentally friendly journey.

Adaptable Riding Modes: : Make the most of the power of individualization with adaptable riding modes. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful ride through Dutch canals or a thrilling ride through gorgeous trails.

Guiding Your Journey: Mastering Advanced Features

Let’s look at a step-by-step tutorial on how to use these sophisticated features now that we’ve revealed their transformational potential:

Mastering Smart Connectivity: :

• Get the specific Revolt Bikes app from the app store on your smartphone.
• If you want to Bluetooth-pair your electric bikes with your smartphone, follow the instructions in the app.
• In order to get real-time data, track your rides, and keep an eye on battery life, explore the app’s interface.
• Set up weather alerts to be informed of any changes in the weather while you are riding.ing.

Expertise in Regenerative Braking: :

• Accept a softer braking style so that the regenerative braking system can transfer kinetic energy effectively.
• learn how to use the bike’s app or display to keep track of how much energy is being recovered during your rides.
• Test different levels of braking force to optimize energy conversion without compromising safety.

Individualized Riding Mode: :

• Access the bike’s display or app to learn about the various riding modes.
• Select a mode that fits your riding style and environment now.
• Experience out various riding modes and tweak them to your preference for a better bicycling experience.

Leading the Way: The Modern Features of Your Revolt Bike

The design of the Revolt Bike become your partners in efficiency, customization, and sustainability. While you travel around the Dutch landscapes on it. Your bicycling experience is raised to new heights with smart connection, regenerative braking, and configurable riding modes.
Additionally area of routine maintenance and care will be the topic of our next section which. It will move our attention to a new aspect of your Revolt Bike’s trip. Additionally learn the tricks of keeping your bike in top shape. It can accompany you on all of your adventures in the Netherlands. Click here for our product.

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During the warranty period of 1-2 years you'll get your replacing parts for free. Just contact us and we'll send you what you need, you'll just need to assemble it yourself. Or drop by at the office and we'll help you out to have a smooth ride again.


Is there a test ride option for these e-bikes?

Absolutely! To ensure utmost customer satisfaction, we offer a test drive facility at our office or a nearby location. If you’re interested in trying out our e-bikes, kindly fill out the contact form and choose ‘request test ride’ as your subject. We'll be delighted to arrange a test ride for you.

How to compare the different e-bike models?

The ideal e-bike model for your requirements relies on factors such as your budget, height, and weight. Our pro versions offer more advanced features and are priced higher accordingly.

The aluminum alloy bikes are suitable for individuals with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 120 kg. On the other hand, the carbon fiber bikes are designed for people within the height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

For long-distance rides, both carbon pro and aluminum alloy e-bikes are excellent choices. However, if you prefer a smoother and easier ride due to their lightweight frame, the carbon fiber regular and pro versions are the best options.

Regarding pricing, each version falls within a separate price range. The aluminum alloy folding e-bikes are available starting from 1.795 euros and go up to 1.995 euros. Conversely, the carbon fiber folding e-bikes start at 2.195 euros and range up to 2.495 euros.

What are the options for shipping and assembling?

We offer FREE shipping throughout the European Union by choosing the self-assembly option. We will deliver the box right to your doorstep, along with a manual, and also provide video instructions on our YouTube channel.

For self-pick-up, we offer two choices based on your preferences. You can either pick up the box as it is, or if you prefer, we can assemble the bike for you for an additional cost of 65 euros.

When placing your order, you have the flexibility to select your personal preferences to tailor the experience according to your needs.

How can I get the required spare parts?

Every e-bike includes a 1-2 year warranty, and within this period, we will send the required spare parts free of charge. To initiate the process, simply get in touch with us and provide your details. Please refrain from sending any bike parts back to us before contacting our customer service.

Furthermore, if you prefer, you can bring your e-bike to our office, and we will be more than happy to assemble the parts for you. However, we kindly request you to contact us first to schedule an appointment before visiting our office.

Even after the warranty period, you can always visit our shop for any spare parts you may need. We offer appropriate spare parts at affordable rates to ensure you have a seamless experience with your e-bike.


As a high class e-bike company, we pride ourselves on offering distinctive, practical, and cost-effective folding e-bikes. Our extensive range of models caters to various preferences and requirements. Each e-bike is equipped with the latest upgrades to ensure your ride experience is agile, comfortable, and exceptionally convenient.



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