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Foldable and Electric Bikes

The Netherlands is a nation renowned for its flat terrain, beautiful scenery, and a culture that is heavily influenced by cycling. It is not surprising that inventions like folding and electric bikes have found a special place in a country where cycling is not only a source of transportation but a way of life. The popularity, advantages, and retail locations of Foldable Bike Netherlands will all be covered in this article.

Cycling Culture

Before discussing foldable and electric bikes, it’s important to comprehend the distinct cycling culture of the Netherlands. In a nation of only 17 million people, the Dutch have a long-standing obsession with bicycles, owning roughly 23 million of them. Cycling is a way of life, not merely a mode of transportation.

Everyone in the Netherlands rides a bicycle, whether they are small children or elderly. It is the perfect location for biking because of the flat terrain, wide network of designated bicycle trails, and a cycling-friendly infrastructure. This culture has significantly contributed to the popularity of cutting-edge bicycle models like foldable and electric bikes

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Foldable Bike Netherlands

Foldable Bikes in the Netherlands

What Are Foldable Bikes?

Folding bikes are bicycles made to be easily stored and transported; they are also known as foldable bikes. They stand out for their capacity to fold up into a small space, which makes them perfect for commuters and people with little storage space. For a number of reasons, these motorcycles have become extremely popular in the Netherlands.

Benefits of Foldable Bikes in the Netherlands

Convenience in Urban Areas

Foldable bikes have emerged as a popular option for urban commuters in congested Dutch towns like Rotterdam and Amsterdam. It is simple to integrate cycling with other modes of mobility because they are simple to fold and carry onto public transportation.


Not just city dwellers can benefit from folding bikes. They are also appreciated by individuals who want to go on weekend excursions or to explore the countryside. Cycling enthusiasts have the freedom to travel outside of cities thanks to their small size, which makes them easy to move in automobiles, trains, and even boats.

Sustainable Transportation

The Dutch are serious about their commitment to sustainability. Folding bikes are a fantastic fit for the environmentally conscious Dutch culture. They are an environmentally friendly mode of transportation because they have no emissions and contribute to lessening traffic.

Health Benefits

Foldable bikes allow more individuals to include physical activity in their everyday routines. Cycling is a great method to keep active. Riders of all fitness levels may reach the Netherlands because to its flat terrain.

Where to Buy Foldable Bikes in the Netherlands

If you’re interested in purchasing a foldable bike in the Netherlands, you’re in luck. There are numerous bike shops, both physical and online, that offer a wide selection of foldable bikes. Some well-known brands to consider include Revolt Bikes. Many bike shops also provide expert advice and assistance in choosing the right foldable bike to suit your needs.

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Folding Electric Bike

Electric Bikes in the Netherlands

 What Are Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes, also referred to as e-bikes, are bicycles with an electric motor to help the rider pedal. They are available in a variety of designs, from city e-bikes to mountain e-bikes, and have become extremely popular in the Netherlands.

Benefits of Electric Bikes in the Netherlands

 Easy Commuting

In the Netherlands, electric bikes have completely changed the way people commute. They ensure that more people can enjoy a comfortable ride to work without working up a sweat since they make it easier to navigate lengthy distances or headwinds.

Encouraging More Cycling

E-bikes make cycling more accessible to a wider range of people, including those who may not have thought about traditional bicycling because of physical constraints or concerns about endurance. Cycling is becoming even more accessible because to its inclusion.

Environmentally Friendly

E-bikes are eco-friendly, just like conventional bicycles. They have low emissions and contribute to a reduction in the carbon impact of other modes of transportation.

Health Benefits

Even though e-bikes offer electric assistance, riders still pedal for exercise. It’s a fantastic method to take advantage of the health advantages of exercise while also having the option to use a motor when necessary.

Where to Buy Electric Bikes in the Netherlands

The Netherlands boasts a thriving market for electric bikes, and you can find them in various places. Many bicycle shops, both local and online, offer a diverse range of e-bikes. Additionally, some specialized e-bike stores provide expert guidance like you can choose Revolt Bikes

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Foldable Bike Netherlands

Why Choose Revolt Bikes for Buying Folding Electric Bikes

 Aluminum Alloy: Regular and Pro Options

Revolt Bikes presents a series of folding e-bikes crafted with precision using advanced aluminum alloy frames. Here’s why these bikes are turning heads:

  • Feather-Light Weight: With a net weight of merely 20 kg, including the battery, these e-bikes are incredibly easy to handle. Whether you need to carry them upstairs or onto public transportation, their lightweight design makes it a breeze.
  • Compact Folding Dimensions: Convenience is key, and Revolt Bikes knows it. When folded, these e-bikes measure a compact 85 x 39 x 66 cm (LxWxH), ensuring they can fit into tight spaces and accompany you wherever your journey takes you.
  • Innovation Meets Practicality: These bikes are not just lightweight; they’re also packed with innovation. The advanced aluminum alloy frame ensures durability and strength, providing a reliable companion for all your adventures.
  • Range of Options: Revolt Bikes offers both Regular and Pro versions of their Aluminum Alloy folding e-bikes, catering to various preferences and budgets. Whether you’re an occasional rider or a daily commuter, there’s a perfect fit for you.
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Aluminum Folding E-Bike

 Carbon Fiber: Regular and Pro Models

For those seeking the epitome of lightweight design, Revolt Bikes introduces the Carbon Fiber Regular and Pro folding e-bikes. Here’s why these models stand out:

  • Feather-Light Masterpiece: The Carbon Fiber Regular e-bike weighs a mere 14.8 kg, including the battery. If you’re looking for a bike that’s incredibly light and easy to handle, this is it.
  • Luxury of Compact Folding: Just like their aluminum counterparts, the Carbon Fiber e-bikes fold down to dimensions of 85 x 39 x 66 cm (LxWxH), ensuring they can accompany you wherever your travels take you.
  • Advanced Carbon Fiber Frame: The secret behind their lightness lies in the advanced carbon fiber frames. These frames are not only lightweight but also incredibly strong, offering a sense of security on the road.
  • Premium Engineering and Design: The Carbon Fiber Pro model takes things up a notch, boasting a net weight of just 13.8 kg, battery included. This innovation is made possible by the state-of-the-art carbon fiber frame, ensuring you ride in style.
Revolt Carbon Fiber Male Fold Car Trunk Foldable Bike Netherlands

Carbon Folding E-Bike

Range of Options to Suit Your Needs

Revolt Bikes understands that every rider is unique, and their needs vary. That’s why they offer a range of options within their Regular and Pro models. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice or seeking the highest level of performance, there’s a Revolt Bike designed with you in mind.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

By choosing a Revolt Bikes, you’re not only investing in a convenient and innovative mode of transportation but also contributing to a more sustainable future. Electric bikes produce minimal emissions and reduce your carbon footprint, aligning perfectly with eco-conscious lifestyles


Cycling is still quite popular in the Netherlands, and the arrival of folding and electric cycles has further fueled this enthusiasm. These cutting-edge bicycles provide answers to some of the problems leisure and urban commuting riders alike confront. The Netherlands offers a variety of possibilities, whether you’re searching for a small, foldable bike, a strong electric bike, or the convenience of both in a folding electric bike.

A wonderful illustration of how sustainable transportation can permeate daily life is the Dutch bicycle culture. The Netherlands continues to support eco-friendly transportation and invest in bike infrastructure, providing a positive example for the rest of the world.

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The ideal e-bike model for your requirements relies on factors such as your budget, height, and weight. Our pro versions offer more advanced features and are priced higher accordingly.

The aluminum alloy bikes are suitable for individuals with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 120 kg. On the other hand, the carbon fiber bikes are designed for people within the height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

For long-distance rides, both carbon pro and aluminum alloy e-bikes are excellent choices. However, if you prefer a smoother and easier ride due to their lightweight frame, the carbon fiber regular and pro versions are the best options.

Regarding pricing, each version falls within a separate price range. The aluminum alloy folding e-bikes are available starting from 1.795 euros and go up to 1.995 euros. Conversely, the carbon fiber folding e-bikes start at 2.195 euros and range up to 2.495 euros.

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When placing your order, you have the flexibility to select your personal preferences to tailor the experience according to your needs.

How can I get the required spare parts?

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Furthermore, if you prefer, you can bring your e-bike to our office, and we will be more than happy to assemble the parts for you. However, we kindly request you to contact us first to schedule an appointment before visiting our office.

Even after the warranty period, you can always visit our shop for any spare parts you may need. We offer appropriate spare parts at affordable rates to ensure you have a seamless experience with your e-bike.


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