What is a Hardtail E-Bike?

Have you ever tried buying an e-bike on the basis of its suspension? Then you must have encountered two types of bikes, one known as a hardtail and the other called a full suspension e-bike. Here are the details that you need to know regarding a hardtail e-bike and its comparison to a full suspension e-bike.

What is a Hardtail E-Bike?

All bikes have shock absorbers, which are also called suspensions. They are usually located right above the front and rear forks. But that’s not always the case.

Some e-bikes have only a single suspension, the front one, and have no rear suspension. These bikes are called hardtail e-bikes. But why give them the name of a hardtail? The bike has a single suspension on the front side and is built with a hard and rigid frame at the rear, thus the name.

Not only the e-bikes but the traditional mountain bikes also have these versions of hardtails and full suspension.

Which Kinds of Cyclists Are Hardtails For?

There is no restriction regarding which kind of cyclist can ride which kind of bike. But there are a number of reasons why hardtail e-bikes have been found to be a better option for beginner cyclists. These reasons are enlisted in a comparison with suspension e-bikes below.

What Are the Benefits of a Hardtail E-Bike?

The purpose of these specially made suspension bikes is to dampen the vibrations and shocks that one gets from a bumpy road. These vibrations are bad not just for the integrity of the bike but also for the riders’ health, so they need to be overcome.

Hardtail e-bikes are a great solution to this problem. They dampen the major vibrations with the help of the front suspension, keeping the rider safe from their harm.

How Does a Hardtail Differ From a Full Suspension E-Bike?

The second type of e-bike that you must have encountered on the basis of the suspension must be a full suspension e-bike. As the name shows, it has both front and rear suspension. These bikes are abbreviated as “FullSus”. Sometimes they are also called dual-suspension mountain e-bikes.

Hardtail and full suspension bikes differ in a lot of aspects. Some major differences are listed below so that you can make a decision on which is the better option among these:


Hardtails are lighter in weight as compared to full suspension e-bikes. The reason is the complete absence of the rear suspension.

The shock absorber and the pivots do have weight, though it’s less. So overall, hardtail e-bikes are a kilo or two lighter than full suspension e-bikes.

While carrying, you might not notice much difference in both the bikes, but you might notice it later on in their performance while riding the e-bike.


We all know a lighter bike goes faster compared to a heavier one. So, it is always assumed that the hardtail goes faster.

It is a fact when it comes to riding these bikes on the road. But when we take these bikes to the mountain tops, where the paths are all rugged and tattered, the opposite can be easily observed. The reason behind this difference is the ability of these bikes to absorb shocks.

A full suspension e-bike can more efficiently absorb the shocks as it has two suspensions. So, instead of focusing on the bumps, your focus is on the speed, which takes you to your destination at a greater speed.


As full suspension e-bikes can dampen the vibrations more efficiently, they are more versatile. They offer a more comfortable ride and allow the rider to experience different riding modes.

Well, some years ago, the opposite was thought to be the truth, but after cyclists started using them, they came to know which is the better option with regard to versatility.

Energy Consumption:

As full suspension bikes are a bit heavier than hardtail e-bikes, they turn out to consume more energy. The extra weight puts some extra strain on the battery, and the battery drains out fast. With that being said, it takes you to a shorter range.

In terms of energy consumption, hardtail e-bikes are considered an efficient option. They weigh less and put less strain on the battery, which gives you a larger range.


There’s nothing left to elaborate on this point. The answer is already clear. Full suspension e-bikes are way more comfortable.

The reason is their dual suspension system that absorbs all the shocks and gives the rider the most elite ride ever. It does not mean riding on hardtails is not that comfortable. But when it comes to comparison, full suspension is the bike of choice for comfort.


Hardtail e-bikes are quite easy to maintain. They don’t consume much of your time and effort in the cleaning and washing processes. On the other hand, full suspension e-bikes need to be maintained and handled with care.


A reduction in the number of suspensions not only leads to a reduction in weight but also gives a reduction in price. Though there is not much difference, hardtail e-bikes are still cheaper compared to full suspension e-bikes.

Which is a Better Option For Me?

While comparing these two e-bikes we cannot label one as “good” and the other as “bad.” Both of these have their pros and cons. While hardtail bikes are dominatingly good in certain aspects, full suspension e-bikes have got their own benefits.

The answer to the question of which bike is better completely depends on your preferences. Whether you want a more economical option or want maximum comfort depends entirely on you. Make sure to enlist all your preferences and then compare them with the specs of both e-bikes to make the right decision.

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The e-bike models depend on your budget, height, and weight. The pro versions have advanced features. Hence, they cost more.

The aluminum alloy bikes are for people with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 120 kg. The carbon fiber bikes are for people with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

For long distances, the ideal choices are carbon pro and aluminum alloy e-bikes. Therefore, carbon fiber regular and pro versions are the best for a smoother and easy ride because of their lightweight frame.

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