How Long Do E-Bike Batteries Last?

E-bikes are quite expensive as compared to normal bikes. Besides the electric motor, high-quality components, and the ever-increasing demand, the battery is one of the reasons for expensive e-bikes.

If you are going to buy an e-bike and finances are an issue, or you already have bought an e-bike and now wonder if this expensive battery in an expensive bike will last long enough to pay for its price, then you are at the right place to get the answer.

Here, we’ll explain how long e-bike batteries last and, as a bonus, gives you some tips to increase the battery life further.

Major Types of E-Bike Batteries:

There are a number of batteries being used for multiple purposes, but the following major types are commonly installed in e-bikes:

Lead Acid Batteries:

These are the oldest known batteries that have been used for multiple purposes for a long time. In comparison with other batteries, these are the heaviest, with a weight of 30 pounds. Greater size does not make the battery hold the highest capacity.

In fact, lead-acid batteries were found to have the least capacity when compared in performance to other batteries. Moreover, these batteries offer only 300 charge cycles. To give you a brief overview of the charge cycle: It refers to the maximum number of times the battery can be fully charged and then discharged.

The 300 charge cycles mean the battery can be charged and discharged 300 times and it won’t lose its efficiency. But after this, the battery will gradually lose its performance and won’t be charged the same way.

Nickel-Cadmium Batteries:

Nickel-cadmium batteries (Ni-Cd) are a bit more advanced as compared to lead-acid batteries. They offer a smarter number of charge cycles. They can be completely charged and discharged 500 times without losing their efficiency.

Amazingly, they are much lighter than lead acid batteries and weigh somewhere between 10 and 20 pounds. Ni-Cd batteries are comparable to other batteries installed in e-bikes, but they discharge more quickly.

Lithium-Ion Batteries:

Lithium-ion batteries are the latest among those available on the market. Among the two described above, these are the lightest in weight. These weigh only 6 pounds.

These batteries make the e-bikes most suitable for their use on the mountain tops, as they contribute the least to the bike’s weight. But they offer a high capacity. These batteries can survive 1,000 charge cycles. It means you can charge the battery like 1000 times after it has been completely discharged, which is pretty great.

Which Type of E-Bike Battery Lasts the Longest?

After comparing the three most commonly employed e-bike batteries, manufacturers have called Lithium-ion batteries the ultimate solution.

From the above-mentioned specs of these batteries, it’s clear that Lithium-ion batteries survive the greatest number of charge cycles and hold the highest capacity among other batteries.

At the same time, these are the lightest. When these factors were combined and e-bikes were tested practically for the lifespan of these batteries, Lithium-ion batteries survived the longest.

Typically, it can last from 3 to 5 years. If the bike and the battery are taken good care of and kept under safe conditions, the Lithium-ion batteries can actually last longer.

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace an E-Bike Battery?

First of all, determine the time for which you have been using the same battery on your e-bike. If it has been somewhere between 3 and 5 years, then your battery has started deteriorating.

Often, if a careless cyclist owns an e-bike, even the premium quality batteries can start to deteriorate within a year or two of use. But the age of the battery is not the only factor.

If you feel your battery is draining out more quickly than it used to in the past years, it’s one of the sure signs. In other words, we can say you feel like you are charging your bike more often.

How to Prolong the E-Bike Battery Life?

If you want your expensive batteries to last longer, then you should take good care of them. Below are a few tips that you can follow to get the maximum output from your battery.

Know How to Charge the Battery the Right Way:

First of all, never let your battery drop to zero. It greatly affects the battery capacity, which you realize after some time. Only use the charger that came with your e-bike.

Using someone’s charger or the one from your previous e-bike can damage the battery. Keep an eye on the bike when the battery’s getting charged. Take it off the plug as soon as it’s completely charged.

Similarly, don’t ride the bike when it’s partially charged unless it’s urgent. Ideally, you should charge the battery completely before use and plug in the charge before it drops to zero.

Store Battery In Safe Surroundings:

While storing the battery, clean it up and keep it in a dry place. Make sure the battery isn’t completely discharged as it increases the risk of damage.

For safe storage, do read the instructions in the guidebook of whatever type of battery you have, as storage conditions vary for some batteries.

Don’t Try to Examine the Battery By Yourself:

Some people try to examine and rectify their e-bikes’ batteries when there’s a problem, which is actually not a good idea unless one is an expert in this field. You might mess it up while putting the battery back in.

Where to Buy E-Bikes With a Good Battery Life?

Revolt has brought you high-quality e-bikes with the finest specifications. Its 36V 6.4-7.8 AH Lithium-ion batteries make the bikes feel like a feather when taken to the mountain tops. Not only can this battery give you a longer range, but it also lasts longer.

Within the warranty period, if the battery deteriorates, the company will send you the spare battery for free. It works just like the original battery that was installed on the bike. If you can drop by the company, the employees can even set up the battery for you and ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

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However, you can always visit our shop if you require spare parts after the warranty period. We sell spare parts at affordable rates.


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