How Fast Does an E-Bike Go?

Are you a cyclist who wants that thrilling e-bike ride at the maximum speed? That seems so. That’s why you are searching for the speed at which the e-bikes can move. Well, there are certain rules that don’t allow you to go beyond a certain limit, but there are ways to enjoy an exciting and fast ride. Read the article till the end to know the way.

E-Bike Classes and Their Speeds:

There are three main classes of e-bikes, which differ in a lot of aspects, including speed. Here is a brief description of each of them.

Class 1:

Class 1 contains e-bikes with pedal assist only. It means that, even though the motor is there to amplify the speed, the cyclist still has to pedal the bike. The more force the cyclist applies to the pedal, the greater the speed the motor will provide. These bikes can travel at a maximum speed of 20 mph when one is pedaling the bike with their maximum force. These bikes don’t run out of battery quickly as you are pedaling them by yourself.

Class 2:

The second class of e-bikes offers the same maximum speed as the above class, which is 20 mph. But what makes this class stand out is its operating system. It makes use of a throttle instead of a pedal assist. In throttle mode, you don’t need to pedal the bike. In fact, many throttle e-bikes don’t have pedals at all. It implies that you just need to activate the throttle, set the assistance level, and the motor will carry you on your way. These bikes run out of battery power quite quickly as the motor is doing all the work. There are some e-bikes that have both the pedal assist system and a throttle working side by side. These are also included in class 2. These e-bikes have a range of speeds between 15 mph and 24 mph. Of course, the pedal assist system is faster, so you can travel at the latter speed with a pedal assist and the former speed with a throttle.

Class 3:

Class 3 e-bikes are also called speed pedelecs or S-pedelecs, given their speed and working system. These bikes are also built with a pedal assist system, but the motor integrated is of great power. It allows the cyclist to travel at a speed of 28 mph. Cyclists using these e-bikes have to follow certain rules and regulations. For instance, in some countries, they need a helmet, and in many others, they need a license too.

Factors Affecting E-Bike Speed:

Consider the following factors if you want to master the e-bike’s speed. They might be interfering to a great extent.

Level of Pedal Assistance:

E-bikes are integrated with certain levels of assistance. Often, these range from 0 to 4, or sometimes 5. 0 means that the bike is stationary and not moving. 1 is the lowest level and 5 is the highest. As the levels are increased, the speed of the bike goes on increasing. In the case of a throttle, speed entirely depends on the throttle, but in pedal-assisted bikes, it depends on the force with which the person is pedaling. The harder the rider pedals, the greater the speed will be.

Battery Voltage:

High voltage batteries take you to your destination at a greater speed. The reason is that they allow the motor to work efficiently, and as a bonus, they tolerate a wide range of climate temperatures. However, before installing a high-voltage battery directly into your bike, ensure that the motor is compatible with this voltage.

Electric Motor Power:

A larger motor means a greater speed. The larger motor provides a greater drive and gives a more forceful push to the bike, increasing the speed. But it will use more battery power.


Like all other vehicles, e-bikes run faster on a smooth road and slower on a tattered or bumpy road. It’s the game of friction. Smoother surfaces offer less friction or less resistance to the tires and allow them to run swiftly. Bumpy roads increase the friction between the tires and the surface, slowing the speed to a great extent.

Weight on the Bike:

The greater the weight, the more force is required to accelerate the bike. With that being said, not only the load on the bike you are carrying but also the weight of the rider matters.

How to Make an E-Bike Go Faster?

  • Make sure the battery is completely charged prior to riding. Not only is it good for the battery, but it will take you at a greater speed to a greater range.
  • As discussed above, the smoother the surface, the less resistance there is, and the greater the speed. A smoother surface can also be attained by using smoother tires.
  • Bending your back forwards just like we do in a crouch position helps in reducing the wind pressure and increases the speed bike.
  • Adding air to the tires can get you a faster speed too.
  • Remove speed limiters.

What is the E-Bike Law Regarding Speed?

Different countries and states have different sets of rules regarding e-bikes. In the USA, the speed of the three classes mentioned above is permitted. Canada permits its citizens to ride e-bikes at a speed of 32 km/h. On the other hand, Australia permits only 25 km/h as the maximum speed of an e-bike. The European Union has different rules and classes for e-bikes. The EU allows speeds of 25 km/h and 45 km/h for its two different classes of e-bikes.

Where to Buy Top-Notch E-Bikes?

If you wonder where you can buy high-quality e-bikes, then Revolt is the right place for you. Revolt E-bikes are light in weight and are made out of durable materials. The bikes offer quite a good range and have long-lasting batteries. Of course, the maximum speed of the bikes does not exceed the limits set by European laws. One way that the company can assure you of its bikes’ quality is by offering you a test drive. The company promises free spare parts within the warranty period in case the original ones get out of order.

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Is there a test ride option for these e-bikes?

Absolutely! To ensure utmost customer satisfaction, we offer a test drive facility at our office or a nearby location. If you’re interested in trying out our e-bikes, kindly fill out the contact form and choose ‘request test ride’ as your subject. We'll be delighted to arrange a test ride for you.

How to compare the different e-bike models?

The ideal e-bike model for your requirements relies on factors such as your budget, height, and weight. Our pro versions offer more advanced features and are priced higher accordingly.

The aluminum alloy bikes are suitable for individuals with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 120 kg. On the other hand, the carbon fiber bikes are designed for people within the height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

For long-distance rides, both carbon pro and aluminum alloy e-bikes are excellent choices. However, if you prefer a smoother and easier ride due to their lightweight frame, the carbon fiber regular and pro versions are the best options.

Regarding pricing, each version falls within a separate price range. The aluminum alloy folding e-bikes are available starting from 1.795 euros and go up to 1.995 euros. Conversely, the carbon fiber folding e-bikes start at 2.195 euros and range up to 2.495 euros.

What are the options for shipping and assembling?

We offer FREE shipping throughout the European Union by choosing the self-assembly option. We will deliver the box right to your doorstep, along with a manual, and also provide video instructions on our YouTube channel.

For self-pick-up, we offer two choices based on your preferences. You can either pick up the box as it is, or if you prefer, we can assemble the bike for you for an additional cost of 65 euros.

When placing your order, you have the flexibility to select your personal preferences to tailor the experience according to your needs.

How can I get the required spare parts?

Every e-bike includes a 1-2 year warranty, and within this period, we will send the required spare parts free of charge. To initiate the process, simply get in touch with us and provide your details. Please refrain from sending any bike parts back to us before contacting our customer service.

Furthermore, if you prefer, you can bring your e-bike to our office, and we will be more than happy to assemble the parts for you. However, we kindly request you to contact us first to schedule an appointment before visiting our office.

Even after the warranty period, you can always visit our shop for any spare parts you may need. We offer appropriate spare parts at affordable rates to ensure you have a seamless experience with your e-bike.


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