E-Bike Volts vs. Amps: What’s the Difference?

You are probably reading this article because you are also confused between the numbers written on the e-bike package saying that these are volts and amps.

First of all, you are not alone. Many people face the same problem, and even if they try to read about it, they get even more confused. If you think you seem to remember these terms in your physics textbook but didn’t give them enough attention to recall what they were, we are here to help you.

If a seller asked you what volts of battery you wanted in your e-bike and you stood there blank-faced, don’t worry, we can save you from embarrassment the next time. Read the article completely to understand what these values are, how they differ, and how they are related to e-bikes.

E-Bike Volts:

Voltage is the ability of the battery to push electrons, or electricity, through the system so that the system can work. In other words, volts are the power of the battery that determines how much work it can get from the bike.

Didn’t get it? Let us explain it with the traditional example of water.

Suppose there is a certain water source through which we have to pour some water on a turbine to make it rotate.

Now we know if the water is at a higher height, it is going to have more potential energy and will deliver more power to the turbine after falling. That pressure in the example of the water is actually the voltage, also called volts, of the battery in an e-bike.

How much voltage your battery has decides how much speed your e-bike will have. It remains pretty much the same unless the battery has been damaged.

Usually, batteries are available in 12, 24, 36, 48, or 52 volts, with a 12-volt battery giving the lowest and the 52-volt one giving the highest pressure to speed up the bike.

E-Bike Amps:

An amp, or ampere, is the unit of current. It determines at what rate the electrons are flowing through the wire. Let’s discuss the water example again. Think of water molecules as electrons that will flow from the source to the turbine.

The rate or the speed at which water flows will be called the rate of water flow. Applying the example to the bike, electrons have to flow from the source, which is the battery, to the motor that needs the electricity to work. So, the rate at which these electrons are flowing between the two is called amperes, or amps.

The value of an amp determines how much range your bike is going to have. Different e-bikes have different amp values, contributing differently to the bike’s overall power.

Don’t get confused if your e-bike package is telling you amp hours instead of amps. It is the rate of electron flow in an hour.

The Difference Between Volts and Amps:

You have probably understood the difference by now, but we can repeat it again in simple words to get a better understanding of it.

Voltage is a value associated with the battery, which is actually the pressure that a battery holds, and this value determines how fast the e-bike will go.

On the other hand, the amp is a value associated with the current flowing from the battery to the motor. This value determines how much range your e-bike will have. The greater these values, the greater the speed and the range will be.

E-Bike Watts:

Sometimes there is another value written on the package which is called watts. Don’t worry if it’s not written; we will tell you a simple method to calculate it for your e-bike.

Watts is the value that determines the overall power of an e-bike. It’s a value related to the e-bike motor. The greater the value, the greater the power the motor provides to ride the bike. It determines both the speed as well as the range of the e-bike. Mathematically, the watt value is obtained by multiplying both the voltage and the ampere value.

Volts X Amps = Watts

Which of These Values Determines the E-Bike’s Actual Power?

As said above, the Watt value gives the actual power of the e-bike. But to get that value, we need the other two values as well, which are volts and amps.

Ideally, How Much Power Should an E-Bike Have?

The ideal power of an e-bike is the power you desire. Yes, only you are going to decide what power you require your bike to have.

From 250 watts to more than 10,000 watts of power, a wide range of e-bikes is available. Now the question arises: how do I know what power I want in my e-bike? For this purpose, know the purpose of your purchase.

Why are you buying an e-bike, to begin with? If you just want to have a gentle ride to the grocery store or you want to run some errands for which you are not in a hurry, then an e-bike with a power output of 250 watts is more than enough for you.

You can also go for a higher-powered bike like that of 500 watts. It will go faster. Note that these e-bikes that run quite swiftly on the roads lose their speed on the mountain tops. If you want an e-bike for riding on the top of a mountain, then you need one with greater power.

But, before you buy an e-bike, make sure you understand your country’s rules and regulations. Some countries allow 250 W e-bikes only, while some allow you to ride at 500 W or even higher power.

How to Find the Best E-Bikes on the Market?

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