E-Bike Pedal Assist: What it is and How it Works?

While hunting for the best e-bikes on the market, you must have encountered people explaining the difference between pedal assist e-bikes and throttle e-bikes.

There are a lot of debates that pedal-assist system is better, but you didn’t understand what exactly a pedal-assist is and how it works? So, read the complete guide below explaining what this system is and what will happen when you want to ride an e-bike without this system. Furthermore, is it worth it?

What is an E-Bike Pedal Assist?

Sedentary lifestyles and poor diets have made the new generation a lot weaker than their ancestors. To bring motility to their lives, our ancestors practiced cycling a lot.

On top of that, they used the traditional bikes that are quite hectic to ride and drain all the energy out of the cyclist.

To aid the ride and to encourage the next generation to use bikes, they have been modified as electric bikes, or simply what we call e-bikes. But to make it easy for them to ride, the bikes have been assisted with Pedal Assist Systems (PAS).

As the name implies, the system works by giving the ride a ‘push’ on his way to ease his cycling. For this purpose, electric motors and sensors are employed in the bikes.

How do E-Bike Pedal Assists Work?

The working of a pedal-assisted bike is quite simple. There is an electric motor along with one of the two main types of sensors. These sensors sense the speed and the force with which the cyclist pedals and pass this information to the motor, which in turn amplifies the speed of the bike.

On the screen, mostly located right in the middle of the handlebar and sometimes mounted on the sides, one can easily see and change the level of assistance that he wants.

Generally, there are 1 to 4 or 5 levels. E-bikes do have level 0, but that’s equal to the bike not getting ridden. 1 is the lowest level, and 4 or 5 are the highest levels that one can use. With that being said, you can decide whether you want a push with less power or one with more power.

Some cyclists who ride for the first time just go for the third or a higher level. That’s not wrong and entirely depends on the cyclists’ ability. But they should try out the initial levels first to make sure that they are under their control, and then they can gradually increase them on the go as per their needs.

Types of Pedal Assists:

The types of pedal-assist are actually based on the types of sensors that the bike uses in association with its motor. In this regard, there are two main types:


E-bikes that have cadence sensors just require you to pedal the bike. How hard you push the pedal doesn’t matter.

The cadence sensor can be placed on the side of a crank. Placing it inside is recommended. It is because installing it outside can interfere with the smooth working of the sensor.

As it is located beside the pedal, it senses whether the cyclist is pedaling or not. As soon as one starts pedaling the bike, the sensor is turned on and activates the motor to amplify the speed, and as soon as pedaling has been stopped, the sensor is turned off.

Unless the level of the assistance has not been changed, the speed of the bike remains constant irrespective of the force applied to the pedal.


Torque is an advanced form of sensor that senses how hard the rider is pedaling the bike. This force is then measured and transferred to the motor that amplifies the speed of the bike, giving the rider a greater output than his input.

Unlike the cadence sensor, it does not have a constant speed. Riding a pedal-assisted e-bike with a torque sensor feels more natural because the harder you pedal, the more the motor amplifies and the faster you go. It also infers that if you are pedaling with less force, your speed will be amplified by a small amount.

Can You Ride an E-Bike Without a Pedal Assist?

Yes, there is a way to ride e-bikes without a pedal assist. You must have heard of throttle-based e-bikes. These e-bikes don’t employ any pedal assist and make use of another system called throttle.

Using this system, you don’t have to pedal at all. So, you don’t get the feel of riding an e-bike. Instead, it feels more like riding a scooter with the body of an electric bike. It is either a pedal-assist system or a throttle for an e-bike and no other way around.

Are Pedal-Assist E-Bikes Worth It?

Pedal-assist e-bikes are worth the money. There are a lot of benefits to using this system. You can engage your muscles and keep yourself fit and healthy. You can avoid a lot of cardiovascular and related problems and can boost your immune system.

At the same time, you can enjoy sweat-free rides as the bike gives you a sort of push, easing the journey for you. At mountain tops, when it becomes difficult to jump over the ridges with a normal bike, an e-bike with a pedal assist can help you cross those barriers.

Moreover, the amazing benefit of investing in an e-bike is that you can save yourself a lot of money in the future. Your finances will be cut down to a large extent as the bike does not use any kind of fuel and is eco-friendly.

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