Best Lightweight E-Bikes for Seniors

Elderly people are more prone to medical conditions as their immunity weakens over time. They need to get some mobility in their lives to avoid heart diseases, bone and muscle problems, and joint issues. Walking seems to be hectic for them, let alone running. So, cycling can be the best exercise for them. Here are some tips for buying the best e-bikes for seniors, along with the best products listed at the end:

What to Look for While Buying an E-Bikes for Seniors?

At the very least, do consider the following three things before buying a bike for a senior:


Seniors don’t have enough strength to ride a heavy e-bike as it makes the pedaling hard. Make sure to buy the one with a feathery weight. Ideally, it should be 20 kg or less than that. Bikes with a weight greater than this are not suitable for seniors.


Safety dominates every other feature when it comes to traveling. So make sure to buy an e-bike that offers an optimal speed limit. It should be, ideally, somewhere close to 25 km/h.

Seniors are not going to take part in cycling competitions, so why increase the risk of falls and trips for them by buying a high-speed bike.

The Ability of Seniors to Pedal:

Do consider how much power the senior has to pedal the bike. If he has got a lot of energy and wants to get even healthier, then buying a bike with a torque sensor would be a great idea.

As this bike allows one to pedal to one’s will, the harder the person pedals, the faster the bike goes and vice versa. If he is a weakling who just seems to enjoy pedaling yet wants a constant speed, then a throttle-based bike is for him.

Where to Buy the Best E-Bikes for Seniors?

Revolt offers dream bikes to people of all age groups. How can the seniors be left out? Our e-bikes are surprisingly lightweight and have been loved by a lot of seniors in the Netherlands. We guess it’s time for seniors all around the world to enjoy comfortable rides.

Their frames are made in such a way that they let seniors put their feet on the ground and feel at ease. Amazingly, these bikes are foldable and can not only be stored easily but can also be transported from one place to another without any difficulty.

Some specs, like 36V Li-ion batteries that are easily charged and travel long distances, and a limited maximum speed of 25 km/h are ideal for their use by seniors.

Best Lightweight E-Bikes at Revolt for Seniors:

The following bikes at Revolt are most suitable for seniors:

Carbon Fiber Regular:

The Carbon Fiber Regular could be a dream bike for any senior living out there and looking for the best e-bike to go with his cycling practice. Do you know why? It’s all because of its weight.

14.8 kg is an ideal weight that an e-bike can have for letting the elderly ride it comfortably. 7 gears are just what a senior needs to enjoy different modes of cycling.

Once the battery of the Carbon Fiber Regular is completely charged, it can take the rider up to 45 kilometers. The sensor employed with the electric motor is a speed sensor. It measures the speed at which the wheel is going forward and then signals the motor to amplify it.

Carbon Fiber Pro:

With a weight of 13.8 kg, the Carbon Fiber Pro is even better than the Carbon Fiber Regular model. As the name suggests, it is an upgraded version of the regular model with a lot of better and more advanced features.

The main upgrade after weight is that of a sensor. It makes use of the latest sensor technology, which is called the torque sensor. Did you just recall torque from physics class?

Yes, that’s exactly it. It senses how much force the cyclist is applying to the pedals so that the motor can boost the output speed. The Pro model has got 2 more gears as compared to the regular model, offering our seniors a better cycling experience.

Last but not least, the fully charged battery of the carbon fiber pro can take you up to 70 kilometers.

Aluminium Alloy Regular:

Though the Carbon Fiber e-bikes are bikes of choice for seniors as they are extremely lightweight. There are other e-bikes made by Revolt that are suitable for seniors. They are made out of aluminum alloy and have got two versions.

Aluminium Alloy Regular weighs 20 kg and is still preferable for use by seniors. It weighs a bit more but at the same time offers a larger range as compared to the Carbon Fiber Regular.

Once fully charged, it can take you up to 75 kilometers. It offers the optimal range of gears, that is 7. Like the Carbon Fiber Regular, it also employs speed sensors.

The benefit of this sensor is that it offers various levels of assistance. At each level, the e-bike moves at a specific speed, no matter how slowly or hard the cyclist is pedaling.

Aluminium Alloy Pro:

Unlike the sensor of the Aluminium Alloy Regular e-bike, the Pro version offers the torque sensor. For seniors who want to maintain their health and fitness rather than just ride bikes for fun, the torque sensor and the Aluminium Alloy Pro bike are advantageous.

The torque sensor-based bikes do not move at a specific speed. They entirely depend on how fast or slow the cyclist is pedaling. As the rider pedals hard, the cycle moves faster, and as he slows down the pedaling speed, the speed of the bike also reduces.

So, using this bike, riders can control the speed as well as the force with which they want to travel. It is said that it is the upgraded version of the Aluminium Fiber Regular and offers a larger range when fully charged. It can take you up to 85 kilometers. But it has the same weight, 20 kg, and the same number of gears, 7, as in the regular version.

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The e-bike models depend on your budget, height, and weight. The pro versions have advanced features. Hence, they cost more.

The aluminum alloy bikes are for people with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 120 kg. The carbon fiber bikes are for people with a height range of 155 to 195 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

For long distances, the ideal choices are carbon pro and aluminum alloy e-bikes. Therefore, carbon fiber regular and pro versions are the best for a smoother and easy ride because of their lightweight frame.

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